Are my files sent to a remote server?

No. Texti runs entirely in your browser–no files leave your device.

What is the license of this software?

Texti uses the open source AGPLv3 license. This license is required due to using the dependency muPDF to read PDF files.

Where can I view the code?

The code is available on GitHub here.

Why isn’t x format supported?

We are not philosophically opposed to including any file format. If a format is not supported, either (1) nobody has gotten to adding it yet or (2) reading the format would require an additional JavaScript/Webassembly library and no such (acceptable) library exists. Feel free to suggest new formats on our GitHub page, or better yet, contribute a read function yourself and open a pull request.

For a JavaScript library to be acceptable for including, it must (1) execute code entirely in the browser [user files cannot be sent to any remote server], (2) have a compatible license, and (3) uphold a reasonable standard of quality [e.g. does not bloat load times, does not frequently throw errors, etc.].